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Sophie (S.E.Marley Walton) was born in Stevenage and lived her younger years in Norway before moving back to Peterborough when she was still a child. Sophie moved to Cardiff  to live with her partner Scott who she then married in May 2014. With qualifications in Laboratory skills and Public services, she works as a medical laboratory assistant at University Hospital Wales in Cardiff, and before this did the same job in Peterborough.
Sophie is also a Petty Officer in the Youth Organisation the Sea Cadets (T.S. Cardiff) which she attends twice a week and also teaches a class in Meteorology which she is currently studying as a home learning course. 
Her first novel One For Sorrow reached the No.1 slot for the most e-book downloads in the Action & Adventure/Romance category

One for sorrow 

It was late evening when the Scientist stood back, bloody knife in hand, and admired a job well done.
A stream of very severe and nasty murders of young soap stars has started to occur in county of Cambridgeshire. A serial killer called the Scientist is born, taking out these new and upcoming actors and actresses that teens all over the country have fallen in love with. The serial killings bring together the Forensic duo, Doctors Cecelia Montage and Sally Birch along with the help of DCI Riley Blackman, new addition to the Huntingdon police force and also Cecelia's long lost love.
Cecelia, working on her first serial killer case since she became Chief of Pathology, is finding it difficult to juggle her personal life and her professional life after something catastrophic happens to her. She also has to prove herself in the eyes of many. 

Two for mirth

The recently appointed Chief of Pathology, Dr. Cecelia Montage, had already experienced the trauma of a jealous colleague and also coming face to face with a serial killer, both devastating her life in their own way. The re-acquaintance with her former lover, DCI Riley Blackman helped to get her life back on track to where she wanted to be, but a new, sinister killing has come to light, one which threatens her now comfortable life and tests her medical skills as well as her resolve, whilst at the same time trying to juggle her personal life.
The body of a young woman is found in a shallow grave in a fallow field; all means of identification having been completely removed. Cecelia, along with her assistant and good friend Dr. Sally Birch must piece together a time line and try and work out who the woman is and what happened to her.
When further bodies are found, and the reality that they have themselves a new serial killer sinks in, Cecelia and Riley must work together before the timer ends and a new body appears. Will they find the killer before they have more blood on their hands? Or will their personal lives get in the way?

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