Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Blurb: *Suitable for readers 18+ only, due to some content and language*
After a crushing childhood and distressing teenage years, life is finally looking good for Macy Portland, even if some nightmares are creeping back. At the age of twenty-six, Macy has a new relationship, her good friend Jenna by her side, a new New York apartment, and a career as a wedding photographer. The camera is a savior for Macy…it helped her through her darkest times…helped her to escape.

After one of her photographs is featured in a magazine, Macy lands a contract for a high society wedding that’s happening in six weeks. On the day she goes to sign the contract, Macy meets - for the second time - Carter Reynolds. Their first chance meeting didn’t go too well and Macy hoped she wouldn’t have to see him again. Unbeknown to Macy, the good life she’s worked so hard for is about to slip through her fingers.

Carter Reynolds, at thirty-four, is a man who gets what he wants, every time and by any means - whether it is in court, or the bedroom. As a well-known lawyer and senior named partner at Mason, Mason & Reynolds, he is used to turning things in his favour and getting results. His next result is Macy!

Macy doesn’t want Carter, but is that going to stop him? Macy is about to find out, and after one stupid night in his office, she is given six weeks to decide if she will be his. What Pandora’s Box has Macy just opened?

One Click! One Mistake! One Decision!

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