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Zach “HARD” Harden was a perfectly sinful one-night stand—a gorgeous, bad boy Navy SEAL totally deserving of his nickname. He wasn’t a bad decision at the time, but I’ve never made a good mistake…even a toe-curling one.

He didn’t tell me who he was. He didn’t tell me why he found me. And he sure as hell didn’t tell me he was my step-brother in town to divvy up my estranged father’s will—an inheritance that includes a fabulous mansion.

But I can’t hide my feelings for him, even in a giant estate. I make Zach a deal. He can stay at the mansion with me until he deploys, then I use my trust fund to buy out his half. One wave of the checkbook and the arrogant player is out of my life forever.

Except Zach is the one man who makes the forbidden seem forgivable. He’s sexy. He’s charming.

And he’s just too HARD to resist.

HARD is a standalone, super flirty, temptingly steamy adult romance with a guaranteed happily-ever-after!


** I was sent a copy in exchange for my honest review**

Hard is the story of Shay and Zach aka "hard".

They meet in a bar where Shay is drowning her sorrows after finding out her estranged father is dead.  She goes home with him and thats that right? I mean that's what happens with one night stands.

Unless they happen to be your stepbrother by marriage and share your inheritance with you!!!

She can resist him right? I mean it cant be that HARD can it?

WOW Just WOW.  This book was fantastic.  I absolutely loved it.  There was moments where I wanted to cry and I do believe I did finish it crying.  I'm such a sap lately!!

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