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J. New is the British author of paranormal cosy mysteries, murder mysteries and magical YA with a hint of romance. A voracious reader and writer all her life, she took her first foray into Indie publishing in 2013, and has never looked back.
She has an eclectic reading taste, ranging from the Magic of Terry Pratchett, JK Rowling, Tolkien and Neil Gaiman, to Dean Koontz, Eion Colfer, Anne Rice and Agatha Christie. A lover of murder mysteries set in past times, where steam trains, afternoon tea and house staff abound. She is convinced she was born in the wrong era as she has a particular aversion to cooking and housework.
She also has an impossible bucket list, which includes travelling on the Orient Express with Hercule Poirot, shopping in Diagon Alley with Sirius Black, lazing around the Shire with Gandalf and Bilbo, exploring Pico Mundo with Odd Thomas and having Tea at the Ritz with Miss Marple.
Funds from the sale of her books go towards her dog rescue effort.

Young widow, Isobella Bridges discovered and fell in love with The Yellow Cottage as a child. Many years later she returned to the Island, discovered it was for sale and bought it on a whim. Or so she thought. 
She had no idea at the time how much it would change her life, nor that it was yet to reveal all it’s secrets. Ones that even Ella couldn't imagine. 
She purchased the cottage from an old lady, but this was no ordinary old lady. And she left her cat, but this was no ordinary cat. 
Ella soon realises that this isn't the only gift the old lady left. 
Having only been in residence a few short weeks, and still unpacking boxes, she receives a telephone call from her brother, inviting her up to London for Sunday lunch. 
This call sets in motion a series of events that puts Ella’s life, and those of the people closest to her in danger. 

‘An Accidental Murder’ is a cosy amateur sleuth novella, with a difference. Set in 1930’s England, it is the first in the series of The Yellow Cottage mysteries. 

Running away from a tragedy for which she blamed herself, Sophia Stone deliberately chose a quiet and solitary life, where her gift would do no more harm. But all that changes when a stranger rushes into the London centre where she works, and demands that she save the life of his dog. Before long they are both running for their lives against a centuries old organisation, hell bent on eradicating witchcraft. As assassins are hired, and friends become enemies, will Sophia and Fritz discover who is calling the shots and learn how to stop them? And will her family, forced into hiding remain safe? As they realise their chance encounter was anything but, and they have more in common than they thought, will they live long enough to act on their mutual desire and begin the process of healing? Or will their future be doomed before it’s even begun? 

Ten Exquisite Mini Psychological Thrillers! 

Predator or Prey is a collection of ten short stories and flash fiction that are full of suspense, murder and mystery. All are snippets into the dark, and shadowy recesses of other people’s lives. Who really knows what shocking secrets are hiding behind closed doors? 
Each one a mini-thriller in its own right, these tales focus on abhorrent but all-too-common crimes, which are full of disturbing mental imagery, so are not for the faint-hearted. But there is a twist in every tale… did you see it coming? 

These tales while brief, are filled with suspense and surprises. ‘App for Life’ is the story of a desperate man whose abusive and controlling wife won’t allow him to escape her and who even thwarts his efforts to kill himself. ‘In A Kind Gesture,’ a beautiful little boy’s appearance lures a predator to his doom. ‘A Good Day’ details the life and fears of a bullied child who finally takes a stand. ‘A Little Peace and Quiet’ is a spooky and chilling look into the domestic life of a second-generation child abuser.

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