Tuesday, 8 September 2015


The Theological College of St Van Helsing Series has four books.

"The Staff and Students of the College of St Van Helsing are run ragged keeping ordinary humans ignorant of the creatures that want to destroy civilisation - and the creatures seduce black witches and sorcerer to join their side in the never-ending war.
Tough luck if you're not male or the right social background to join the college. Too many would-be allies are driven to seeking magic from the enemies of the college."

Here is the Trailer for them. https://animoto.com/play/5EHS7tCwXmiKmYidyL8iLA
Here is a global link to the Amazon Author page. http://geni.us/2B2w

 The near future thriller Pill Wars is a my take on a zombie apocalypse.
"The government has rushed through the drug trial on wonder anti-depressant Pacifex. Unfortunately it is addictive and turns addicts into mindless, ravening monsters. Only the inventor can create an antidote and he has gone into hiding. Can Jessica Fleming find him before it's too late>"
Here is the trailer for Pill Wars https://animoto.com/play/OXXXQ6yG5FGaLW1JqqoBBg
The global link for the amazon page is the same http://geni.us/2B2w

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