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Janey Rosen is the author of the No.1 bestselling Sebastian Trilogy and the noir series, The Muse Keeper. 

Janey lives on the south coast of England with her husband and three children–the fourth having shipped out and produced a granddaughter whom Janey adores.  Since the age of 8, Janey has been telling tales, but only in latter years has she discovered that writing is her passion.  
About The Sebastian Trilogy:
A life that isn’t what it seems… 

Elizabeth Dove appears to have a rich and rewarding life as a wife, mother, and successful businesswoman. But she knows the truth—she’s frustrated and trapped in a passionless marriage. She can’t face a lifetime of nothing but this hollow, bland existence and will risk it all to feel alive again. Leads to an enigmatic man and a dark journey of discovery… 

Following the mysterious death of his wife, Sebastian De Montfort shares his ancient manor with only his submissive maid, Scarlett. Elizabeth’s arrival rocks his world off its axis as she is pulled deeper into his world of domination and buried secrets. Torn between his loyalty to Scarlett and his growing feelings for Elizabeth, Sebastian longs for a future he covets but fears he will never deserve. Desires are meant to be fulfilled. Jealousy and betrayal lurk in the halls. 

History threatens to repeat… 

“Forget Christian, forget Gideon, forget Gabriel, heck all those dark and mysterious alpha males forget them all and meet Sebastian. He's going to mess with your head, he's going to make you swoon, he's going to make your pulse quicken and then he's going to make you squirm. BAM the story hit me and got it's claws in me straight away, it bowled me over and I was totally at it's mercy, just as Beth is with Sebastian. You'll be laughing, nail biting and crying. The Sebastian Trilogy is a hoard of sizzling excitement and great twists." 5* Review, Amazon.co.uk

Blog: www.janeyrosen.me

Available now: The Muse Keeper Series | The Sebastian Trilogy | Sebastian's Journal
Coming Soon: The Hidden Bride | Scarlett | Vivien | Anna's Kitchen

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