Monday, 21 September 2015

REVIEW - The Trials of Guinevere DeGrance by L.B.Dunbar - REVIEWED BY LOUISE


Don’t judge me. I know you want to, but let’s get some facts straight in my defense. 

1. I love Arturo King 
2. Arturo left me behind. 
3. I was lonely. 
4. Lansing was an old friend. 
5. I love Arturo King. 

Did you burn the fictional damsel in distress that cuddled and kissed her best friend when her fantastical boyfriend disappeared for months? No, you did not. You sympathized with her loneliness before you read ahead to make sure the boyfriend was coming back to her. Loneliness is not a crime. It’s cruel to be alone, but not a crime, the last I knew. If it is a crime, I’ll light the match to ignite myself for what I’ve done. Goodness knows, I’m burning up with guilt as it is. In my defense, I want my story to be told before I’m judged too harshly. Arturo King might be a rock legend, but he and I are human. We make mistakes. We made mistakes. Do we need to suffer for all of eternity because of them? I hope not. The jury still seems to be out, though. The greater question is: Is it possible to rekindle our love, when the past could burn us all? 


**copy provided by author for honest review**

I have been waiting impatiently for this book, the end of the series. The final book in a series is always met with two things, anticipation of what's going to happen with the tying up of loose ends and the sadness that comes with saying goodbye to much loved characters.

This is Guinevere's story, this is her chance to tell us exactly how she felt with all the things that went on throughout the other books in the series. 
Arturo is back, what does that mean? Can they rekindle their relationship? Or has too much happened to them both for them to be able to stop out of the shadows of the past and into the gleam of the future?

This was a fantastic way to end the series, I'm very sad to see the characters go and I do hope the author writes some novellas attached to it even just to bring the characters back!!!! I finished the book with tears streaming down my face and a massive book hangover afterwards!!!!!

Epic series, will always recommend it and I plan on revisiting all the books one after the other in a re-read soon.



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