Wednesday, 16 September 2015

REVIEW - Bang Challenge Accepted by M.Dauphin and H.Q.Frost - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

Bang is about Jenny who doesn't do relationships.  In fact all she does is "Bang" thats it.  She lives up to her surname that's for sure!
Jenny meets Jack, they live happily ever after? UM NO.

This book had me wetting myself literally pages in.  It was funny, sexy and a downright good read.  The characters had smoking hot chemistry and the laughter just kept coming and coming.

So the question right?  Why the 4 stars if I loved it so much?  

Well, I really really wanted to give it 5 stars because I loved it that much.  Heck if it was possible I'd have given it 10!
BUT and its a big BUT.
There's a part in it about 60% in that totally broke me in pieces.  I don't know how I can warn people without giving it away but I will say if you are like me and a massive animal lover/owner, especially of dogs then consider this a warning.  It brought one of my biggest fears to life, and had someone experienced that for real and then read that I can imagine it would tear them to pieces.  

I understand its a pivotal moment in Jenny's life and makes her realise something  BUT I cannot help wondering if the book would have worked without that in it.

So there you have it, I have to be totally honest and I was.  Apart from that part I loved the book but it very nearly became a DNF for me due to that.

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