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Sarah Elizabeth is a British author who writes in the Romantic Suspense, New Adult, and Contemporary Romance genres. She lives and breathes for all things books, be it writing them, reading them, and sometimes even stroking them! Her main influences are Rachael Wade, Jennifer Probst and Tina Reber. She is a major fan of music with very eclectic tastes, listening to Delta Goodrem through to Fightstar, Dvicio through to 3 Doors Down. Sarah thrives to add mystery to the romance in all of her projects, spending many evenings and late nights when her four young children are tucked up in bed to let the words pour onto the pages and the characters inside her mind completely take over.

Published works include: The Misjudged Series, a romantic suspense series that is now complete and available on Amazon, Kobo and Nook.

Releasing later this month: Upping the Ante, a new adult standalone novel.


My young adult life was simple.
I was about to start college, I had a great boyfriend and a large circle of friends.
My life was simple—until I met him.
Him being the new kid in town;
 Ash Walker.I learned really quickly that he liked to play games, and the thing about Ash is that he played them well. I tried to stay away because I had been told he was bad news, news I neither wanted nor needed, but there was something about him that made him impossible to ignore.
He pushed the limits and had an impulsive streak that knew no bounds.
He had an 
Then one day, I became his new 
There was one problem, though.
He was off-limits; his words, not mine.
Every girl in the whole town wanted to be inside his bed, and if I wanted us to be friends then I had to make sure that I didn’t become one of them.
He was heading along the path to self-destruction and there was only one person who could save him from his past demons; who could bring him the acceptance he so desperately craved.

Upcoming works include: Bliss, Love @ First Site, The Lost Summer, Remembering Tate and No Strings.

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Official Website: www.authsaraheliz.com

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