Tuesday, 15 September 2015

COVER REVEAL - Crazy Perfection by Helen J. Barnes

♬❥♩♫❥♪❥ THE DJ SERIES ♬❥♩♫❥♪❥
♬❥♩♫❥♪❥ HELEN J. BARNES ♬❥♩♫❥♪❥
Designed by CT Cover Creations
Author Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrsKov

As a vocal artist Shazza Duncan knows she owns the top spot in London’s EDM music industry, in every other aspect of her life she knows she is doomed to fail.
You would think some of her career success comes from her privileged upbringing and her very expensive private education, but you would be dead wrong. Her family have ridiculously high expectations and loathe Shazza’s career choices. Her only escape from their oppression is in the studio and clubs, feeding off the high energy of her DJ friends and clubbers. Her family and their constant disapproval leaves Shazza feeling unworthy and struggling to form relationships with anyone.
When DJ Adam Chapman signs a contract to work with Shaz he has no qualms about making it blatantly obvious he wants her and will stop at nothing to tame the crazy club lover and make her his own. But Shazza faces some of life’s hardest challenges and, as much as she wants him, she fears any relationship between them will suffer when the proverbial mic falls and everything goes to shit.

The Final Note (Book 1)

Disrespectful Diva (Book 2)

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