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Soulkiss Synopsis

It all started with a dream.
He was handsome, sexy and had a body to die for.
He swept Arianna off of her feet with his charm and made her feel loved, cherished and protected.
Only one problem
He wasn’t real
This man, this oh so perfect man didn’t exist, he was but a figment of Arianna’s over active imagination, a culmination of her day dreams and deepest fantasies.
Or was he…
A double date soon turns to disaster, starting a chain of events that’s thrusts Arianna into a world so different from her own, testing her courage, her heart and her soul.
But is she strong enough to battle through and save the soul destined for her


Arianna had returned to the forest. She rested her head back against the trunk of an overly large Copper beech tree, and closed her eyes as she took a few deep breaths in; the scents pleasant to her senses, the cool moist air filled her lungs. For some reason this place brought a sense of contentment to Arianna that she hadn’t realize was missing from her life.
Arianna never doubted for a second the motive of her feet; she let them lead the way, but deep down she hoped they would take her to him. Always in her mind, he was a shadow that lingered constantly, an itch that would never go away. Add to that the fact that in the 3 months she had been having this dream she had only seen him fully that one time, which alone had started to get on her nerves.
Arianna’s feet crunched on fallen leaves, her mind spun back to their first meeting and how almost automatically became a permanent fixture in her life, a little alarming considering he only existed in her dreams and subconscious. In reality she craved the type of passion she saw glimpsed just beneath the surface, the restrained kiss they had shared had ignited something buried deep down inside of her and it was now simply too strong to be locked away again.
The breeze caressed Arianna’s skin; the gauzy material of her dress wrapped itself around her body as she stepped towards the line of trees that signaled her approach to the clearing. She placed her hand on the bark of an old giant Oak. The rough texture dug into her palm as she leant in close to peer around the large trunk.   
Arianna already expected to see her warrior waiting. It was as if this time she knew the dream would be different, what she didn’t expect was to see him facing her, a smile spread wide across his lips as soon as he saw her. Ever since the last time they had met she couldn’t get over how handsome he was, but now, it was simply amazing how much a smile could change someone’s features.
Dear god above, Arianna felt her heart start to race. That smile, it was simply breath-taking. It radiated love and warmth. Arianna’s step faltered slightly, never before had a man directed that kind of emotion her way, in short, for the first time in her life, she felt wanted.
Arianna paused; her fingers clutched at her dress as she watched the warrior approach, a look of determination on his face as his long strides easily ate up the distance between them. Arianna shored her resolve and took slow deep breaths. She would be in control of this dream, it was her dream after all and she would not act silly, you know like she wanted to, like she was dying to, she would endeavor not to fall into this males arms and beg for him to kiss her like last time.
He stepped closer, his body only a foot away from her own, the wind wrapped her dress around his legs as well as her own, his build so tall she had to tip her chin back to look up at him. She would rather strain her neck then step back and show him, with action, just how much his presence put her on edge, not from fear but from need, a need she just didn’t want to admit to.
Their eyes locked, the deep chocolate brown orbs captured and trapped Arianna within their depths, the surrounding sounds disappeared leaving only the loud thud of her own heart. Moments passed before the spell was broken by his voice, the deep husky sound vibrating throughout her whole body.
“Finally, you have come” He let out a loud sigh. “I don’t like waiting, what took you so long?”  
He radiated power and heat; it seeped from his body like a cloud, swirling around her, bathing her body in warmth and his male scent.
“Come kiss me” his voice flowed just like his heat over and around her body, her heart rate already at a gallop, skipped a beat at his question
“I’m eager to remember your taste and the feel of you in my arms”

Oh my! Arianna couldn’t think. How did he do this? How did this man know exactly what would make Arianna melt inside? No man ever had said anything like that to her, no man had ever made it known that they wanted her.
She took hold of what little resolve she had left before it slipped away, Arianna took a small step back and created some much needed space; space so she could think a little more clearly. Arianna kept her hand, palm up outstretched, preventing him from taking her in his arms. His body language already showed his intentions and as much as her insides told her to go with it, her brain was saying otherwise. Arianna took a few more deep breaths, her eyes focused on his chest, on his leather covered, broad, muscular chest, and she shook her head all the while berating herself in a small whisper.
“Dammit Arianna focus and get a hold of yourself” She needed answers and she would get them. There was no way she was going to let Mr studly and handsome get in her way and distract her, but then again he was so damn drool worthy. Everything that made her female jumped up and waved their hands begging for attention as soon as she looked at him.
She took what had to have been the 5th, no, 6th deep breath Arianna looked up, and again encountered his eyes. She was aware of his presence and strength but his eyes showed his soul, her breath more like a squeak, she asked quietly
"What’s your name?" Arianna kept her eyes locked onto his face, only the slight tick of his jaw showed he wasn’t happy with the question. "I need to know your name and how you are doing this to me?"
"I have no idea what you are talking about”  his voice so masculine, commanding and sexy, he made it continuously hard for Arianna to concentrate, the deep timbre alone made her skin break out in goosebumps.
Arianna stepped further away from this male; the distance brought with it an unknown sense of loss. She pushed her long hair from her eyes and started to pace; one hand tugged at a lock of her hair the other gestured to the scene around her.
"Invading my dreams like this, making me, oh I don’t know” She stopped and faced him again
“Just tell me” Arianna pleaded quietly.

R J Thompson

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