Thursday, 3 September 2015

REVIEW - Loyalty and Lies by L.A.Cotton - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

** I was gifted a copy for my honest review**

Can I write a review with just three letters? No? Oh ok then lol.

Loyalty and Lies is book 1 in The Chastity Falls series.

Savannah is 18 years old and for reasons you will discover has moved to Chastity Falls to attend University.  She needed a fresh start and it seemed like this was the easiest option for her, an escape.

She meets Jackson and her views on life change drastically.  Maybe life is worth living, maybe life can be good?

Sure like most college stories this has the nasty bitchy women and the muscly sexy jocks.  BUT it also has more twists and turns than a country road!!   This is not your average college romance!!

Loyalty requires lies, lies dig holes, lies tear people apart........................

I just cannot describe how much I loved this book, it was amazing and made me want more and more and more.  Thankfully I did have the other books!!

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