Monday, 7 September 2015

REVIEW - Salvation and Secrets by L.A.Cotton - REVIEWED BY LOUISE

*I was gifted a copy in exchange for my honest review.*

Once you have read book 1 (Loyalty and Lies) you will want to dive straight into this book immediately!

Salvation and Secrets starts off four months after Loyalty and Lies ends.  Savannah is struggling to come to terms with her loss of Jackson.  She let him into her fragile heart and he shattered it not long after repairing it.

Thing is, walking away from her was the hardest thing Jackson has ever had to do and he's not doing too well either.  He soon realises that leaving her to protect her was futile because she is still in danger.

To save her secrets must be unveiled and salvation must be earned.............

This book was amazeballs, I absolutely loved every second of it.  It's written in a way that you can just get sucked in and imagine the story playing out in your head.

And then I had to wait for book 3!! OH MY GOD THE TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean come on L.A.Cotton youre killing me!! Really!!

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